Cyberpunk 2077 in a Nutshell

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Is it a glitch or a feature??? Maybe both???
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  1. CircleToonsHD
    4 місяці tagasi

    I just wanted to say, even with all the bugs, glitches, and issues... I'm still loving this game and already have over 40+ hours in it. It seems on PS4 and Xbox One though it's literally unplayable. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK OF THE GAME?!?!?!

    1. Critz With chris
      Critz With chris
      4 tundi tagasi


    2. Liam PCK
      Liam PCK
      2 місяці tagasi


    3. Misao CE
      Misao CE
      2 місяці tagasi

      I'm loving it to the bone

    4. Shehza Shakeel
      Shehza Shakeel
      2 місяці tagasi

      @First nah

    5. Gemtem
      2 місяці tagasi

      I have the same thoughts on the game, it's my 4th favourite game of 2020

  2. Trahn-Jahn
    3 päeva tagasi

    "Oh no! There are too many Guards! Thank God I can give one of them a somehow contagious computer virus that slowly kills them. Oh no, one of them lived! Thank God I can make him FUCKING SHOOT HIMSELF."

  3. lol
    6 päeva tagasi

    "Cyberpunk 2077, coming when it's ready" *So that was a lie*

  4. マイユキ
    7 päeva tagasi

    [ ! ] Meet Hanako at Embers.

  5. Sander
    9 päeva tagasi

    Put it in your brain hole 🤣 genius

  6. The Artisan
    The Artisan
    10 päeva tagasi

    Cyberpunk 2077? More like, Tales from the Borderlands...

  7. WamBamShookeran
    11 päeva tagasi

    I honestly can't believe people actually bought this on console. What did you expect?

  8. jesse brent
    jesse brent
    13 päeva tagasi

    You can summon a car at any time as long as your near a road, you can steal cars the starter car is just as good as any other vehicle in the game why is everyone trying to see me a car

  9. Resire -
    Resire -
    14 päeva tagasi

    Everytime i try to watch the video my EEfast keeps crashing i dont know wh- Oh wait...

  10. Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin
    17 päeva tagasi


  11. Emin Uçar
    Emin Uçar
    17 päeva tagasi


  12. Scavenger GP
    Scavenger GP
    18 päeva tagasi

    i think i am the only one who liked the big variety of cars..

  13. Isaac Schmitt
    Isaac Schmitt
    20 päeva tagasi

    Funny thing is, one of the projected DLC's is even more cars. . .

  14. Karna Pratap Singh
    Karna Pratap Singh
    23 päeva tagasi

    The pixelated guy is just so Damn accurate 😂

  15. Enzo Prado
    Enzo Prado
    23 päeva tagasi

    Buggier than bethesda...

  16. Conner Phelps
    Conner Phelps
    25 päeva tagasi

    My video started to buffer as the guy came on screen

  17. Derek Holston
    Derek Holston
    25 päeva tagasi

    I had a great glitch where I had two video calls overlapping each other.

  18. callmyagentagentur
    29 päeva tagasi

    Cyperpunk 2077 in 2077

    1. callmyagentagentur
      9 päeva tagasi

      @kosis karki u

    2. callmyagentagentur
      9 päeva tagasi

      @kosis karki no

    3. kosis karki
      kosis karki
      10 päeva tagasi

      @callmyagentagentur nepsl or india

    4. callmyagentagentur
      10 päeva tagasi

      @kosis karki Witch

    5. kosis karki
      kosis karki
      10 päeva tagasi

      i know what country you live in

  19. Philosophic human
    Philosophic human
    Місяць tagasi

    I wouldn't know. Never played it.

  20. Vega Yagami
    Vega Yagami
    Місяць tagasi

    If I wanted to play an FPS where I'm technically a bad guy with Keanu Reeves in it, I'd play PayDay 2.

  21. Aiden M
    Aiden M
    Місяць tagasi

    This isn’t a nutshell this is the game

  22. Wages of Sinn
    Wages of Sinn
    Місяць tagasi

    I did every sidequest in the game and because I invested at all in things other than cars now I don't have enough money to buy the last one. guess I have to go hunt down more random gang members and sell their guns until I have enough money.

  23. Neruba
    Місяць tagasi

    Having the phone with 27 unread messages of "quests" of buying cars boosts my toc to uncharted levels

  24. Caleb
    Місяць tagasi

    I hard laughed the entire time! omg man.

  25. Itss Mineta
    Itss Mineta
    Місяць tagasi

    Rip Jackie

  26. Chris Chance
    Chris Chance
    Місяць tagasi

    I was a technical intelligent street kid wbu guys

  27. Saboki
    Місяць tagasi

    I dreamed about a finished cyberpunk game last night. Don't remember it, but it was cool.

  28. vibhav
    Місяць tagasi

    Too inaccurate: he passed the captcha test

  29. EHK
    Місяць tagasi

    I'm confused

  30. bartek maniak
    bartek maniak
    Місяць tagasi

    Its be0acuse its0 pol4nd

  31. Richard Garza
    Richard Garza
    Місяць tagasi

    It’s a good game, can get repetitive though. I think it’s worth one play through for the story. After that I find it kinda stale.

  32. Richard Garza
    Richard Garza
    Місяць tagasi

    It’s a good game, can get repetitive though. I think it’s worth one play through for the story. After that I find it kinda stale.

  33. T L
    T L
    Місяць tagasi

    This video was about as long as the story missions ✌️

  34. Mr Creeper
    Mr Creeper
    Місяць tagasi

    What makes you a criminal

  35. Lonely Hunter
    Lonely Hunter
    Місяць tagasi

    In cyberhell 2077 what makes someone a criminal...

  36. I C U
    I C U
    Місяць tagasi

    Most accurate representation. I love it!

  37. zniszczu. pl
    zniszczu. pl
    Місяць tagasi

    Cyberpunk isn't finished

  38. Young Michalu
    Young Michalu
    Місяць tagasi

    Sooooo game is bad.... beacuse....there are too

  39. Steven Underverse
    Steven Underverse
    Місяць tagasi


  40. El Decepticon
    El Decepticon
    Місяць tagasi

  41. Corusame Occasum
    Corusame Occasum
    Місяць tagasi

    I'm planning on giving this game a shot in 2-3 years when its hopefully playable

  42. Fransens
    Місяць tagasi

    I got a used car for sale! Ayup.

  43. Armani Khantharinh
    Armani Khantharinh
    Місяць tagasi

    Why did you do jackie like that

  44. Nick Bertocchi
    Nick Bertocchi
    Місяць tagasi

    Craigslist 2077

  45. SlovenMalaphor
    Місяць tagasi

    Spot on.

  46. whitty
    Місяць tagasi


    Місяць tagasi

    Cyberpunk 2077 is glichi as fuck

  48. ___Ryan ___
    ___Ryan ___
    Місяць tagasi

    *This just is cyberpunk tho*

  49. gamer skyler
    gamer skyler
    Місяць tagasi

    After beating the game like 3 times that i have a car joke hits different

  50. król lisz
    król lisz
    2 місяці tagasi

    Polska Górą!!

  51. N Z
    N Z
    2 місяці tagasi

    Nice try, but I don't think you could do a Cyberpunk 2077 in a nutshell really. It isn't The Last of Us Part II.

  52. Chaser
    2 місяці tagasi

    My favorite version is israel version check the video it's hilarious

  53. Morrigan Renfield
    Morrigan Renfield
    2 місяці tagasi

    Didn't even play the game and this looks annoying. Lol

  54. Zach Wiles
    Zach Wiles
    2 місяці tagasi

    Idk why but "Salami Sam" always makes me crack up

  55. The Unknown
    The Unknown
    2 місяці tagasi

    Cyberpunk 2077 A game where most of the side quests you get are hit jobs and car sales

  56. CoCoNuTmAlLIs PeRfEcT
    CoCoNuTmAlLIs PeRfEcT
    2 місяці tagasi

    Animations in 2009: Characters have white eyes Animations in 2021: Characters look like rejected Power Puff Girls characters with robot parts and guns.

  57. MCHamii
    2 місяці tagasi

    Damn 👍🏼

  58. Raist
    2 місяці tagasi

    There is like 180hour content missing, but sure i must say this is funny :)

  59. Kayden Pham
    Kayden Pham
    2 місяці tagasi


  60. Sxorpy
    2 місяці tagasi

    Wait who is that blue hair guy?

  61. Aiden Macleod
    Aiden Macleod
    2 місяці tagasi

    Thought it was gonna be another trolling video, but kudos for making me laugh.

  62. Hyperactive Talks
    Hyperactive Talks
    2 місяці tagasi

  63. Stevie
    2 місяці tagasi

    Johnny like 3 times: "smoke" V every time: "no I don't smoke stop asking" Judy: "give me smoke" V who for some reason still has that cigarette case: -no- *deadass won't let you refuse* "fine" Judy: "sex smoke" V who somehow has a lighter even though she doesn't smoke and is naked in bed: "yes" *immersion*

  64. Enfixy
    2 місяці tagasi


  65. Daniel Davis
    Daniel Davis
    2 місяці tagasi

    Where’s the lie though

  66. PaperMan
    2 місяці tagasi


  67. Guilherme de Souza Rosa
    Guilherme de Souza Rosa
    2 місяці tagasi

    Its not cyberpunk its cyberbug

  68. dusk jazzy
    dusk jazzy
    2 місяці tagasi

    Pretty much CP2077 is mostly "Hey! Niko, my cousin! Let's go bowling later"

    2 місяці tagasi

    The motorcycle glitch XD

  70. WaiHoe26
    2 місяці tagasi

    on freakin point

  71. Morbitar
    2 місяці tagasi

    Wow, you absolutely nailed it! Great video.

  72. Havingfun2night
    2 місяці tagasi

    used .cars . for .sale everywhere

  73. Dylan Alania
    Dylan Alania
    2 місяці tagasi

    You forgot the gurls

  74. Crazy Drunken Irish Dude
    Crazy Drunken Irish Dude
    2 місяці tagasi

    I had a small amount of glitches, my problem with this game was the life paths, start and end are all thats changed,, nothing else

  75. Jerk My Crank
    Jerk My Crank
    2 місяці tagasi

    Died at the motorcycle and captcha

  76. Fabio Aneto
    Fabio Aneto
    2 місяці tagasi

    Neat 😂

  77. Sirius Chengpion
    Sirius Chengpion
    2 місяці tagasi

    What a masterpiece

  78. spartanDJChalo
    2 місяці tagasi

    I love how you’ve included the bit about buying second hand buying cars. I’ll never know why they decided to add these as a series of side mission quests. You literally have free reign of any car in the game, it’s called GTA.

  79. Lancelot M
    Lancelot M
    2 місяці tagasi

    This really is cyberpunk 2077 in a nutshell 🤣🤣🤣

  80. Mr B
    Mr B
    2 місяці tagasi

    Just Perfect

  81. Zacke
    2 місяці tagasi

    Only the car part is accurate

    1. Gemtem
      2 місяці tagasi

      No not really, the whole video is accurate

  82. IlIIIlIl
    2 місяці tagasi

    Pretty much, not gonna lie.

  83. Oscar Covarrubias
    Oscar Covarrubias
    2 місяці tagasi

    Hahaha the captcha

  84. Mellifluous
    2 місяці tagasi

    0:41 haha normal objects.. Good luck

    2 місяці tagasi


  86. Edward Kuusela
    Edward Kuusela
    2 місяці tagasi

    i play this video 144p, did i miss the point?

  87. The Broke Indian Podcast
    The Broke Indian Podcast
    2 місяці tagasi

    "Brand new to you"...haaa!!

  88. William Henderson
    William Henderson
    2 місяці tagasi

    Lol, solid. Very solid. Maybe the algorithm bless this video

  89. javierortiz82
    2 місяці tagasi

    I was expecting you to say something about meeting Hanako at Embers...

  90. enzudesign
    2 місяці tagasi

    110% accurate 👍

  91. Oscar Covarrubias
    Oscar Covarrubias
    2 місяці tagasi

    Man this is great

  92. Nwe Nee
    Nwe Nee
    2 місяці tagasi

    The glitches in this it’s like trying to run on ice

  93. Mario Q
    Mario Q
    2 місяці tagasi

    cyberpunk is exactly gta5 but with robots and with different names and looks

  94. Unknown Vagrant
    Unknown Vagrant
    2 місяці tagasi


  95. Integral Domain
    Integral Domain
    2 місяці tagasi

    If only cyberpunk was half as good as this video was.

  96. Kyle Lakowski
    Kyle Lakowski
    2 місяці tagasi

    select all the squares with normal objects had me fucking dying ahahha

  97. Big TRAV
    Big TRAV
    2 місяці tagasi

    Lol he shot the blue haired vegan soyboy.

  98. Yega
    2 місяці tagasi

    You nailed it dude, every 15min someone wants to sell me a car in this bloody game. The worse part is you don't know if it's any good till you get there so usually you just end up wasting your time.

  99. InnerSloth
    2 місяці tagasi

    🤣🤣the captcha

  100. Alex Rowe
    Alex Rowe
    2 місяці tagasi

    This is what my first 10min of game looked like, than i woke up and stopped watching crappy videos :D Console peasant joke.